Ceria Shade designs and manufactures shade structures that serve a broad range of customers needs and desires. We offer protection from the elements as well as a visual enhancement to park, hotel, school, hospital, Etc. We work with a variety of materials including aluminium and steel, canvas and vinyl fabrics, standing seam and polycarbonate roofing.

As a prestigious manufacturer and trader of outdoor shade in the world, along with our experiences and dedication, CERIA SHADE is confident to bring our customers the most quality products with the diversity of designs and models.

Our product is extremely durable by colour, material, anti-rust according to European standards. They can be resistant to the impact of harsh weather, suitable for various purpose and safety for users.

We not only design products for a single user but also expand the production of equipment that is suitable for many users at the same time. Thus, contributing to maintaining communication and building a friendly lifestyle. Bringing unique products and joining hands in creating healthy future generations is the goal that we are aiming!

CERIA SHADE is promoting the production and installation of many high-class products with international quality, ready to compete with many other famous brands in the world.

Furthermore, we also concern about customer care after product delivery through a credible warranty policy. Not be limited to space, time, construction area and cost, we can fully satisfy the wishlist package and the requirements from customers.

Today our Ceria Shade grace many sites across the UK and a growing number abroad. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers and adding beauty and comfort to their environments.

We inspire stunning outdoor spaces through the benefits of shade
CERIA SHADE has been the pioneer, innovator and proven industry leader in fabric structure design and technology. We design and build with people first in mind and are committed to cutting-edge innovation and excellence as a groundbreaking firm that consistently outperforms our competitors.
As a vertically integrated business, we are a single source for shade and fabric structure solutions, providing our clients with comprehensive resources, lasting partnerships and the best-trained, most-experienced, well-equipped professionals in the industry.
At CERIA SHADE, our industry-leading expertise, experience and attention to detail enable us to give you the best choices in colour options and performance advantages. Our fabrics are available in a variety of materials with different degrees of translucency, light reflectivity, UV and weather protection, fire retardancy and non-combustibility to meet our clients’ specific project requirements and individual needs and desires.
Activate spaces and improve the outdoor experience
  • Safeguards against sun and weather damage
  • Blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays
  • 10-year warranty
  • Increase airflow and comfort
  • Low maintenance
  • 25-degree temperature reduction keeps seating and play surfaces cool

Range of sizes available

Our shade structures have a range of sizing options available to suit your needs. To choose the right size for your space, discuss your upcoming project with a representative.

Provide Shade for All Areas of Your Home or Business

Now you can adapt any area around your home or business to suit your needs and lifestyle, both colourfully and stylishly.

Protect vehicles from the blazing heat with carport shade sails. Provide shade over your pool or children’s play area with our line of residential shade sails. Turn an unusable area outside your coffee or restaurant into a money-earning space by shading the site from the sun and rain.

You will be able to expand your seating area and seat your guests in comfort with the addition of waterproof shade sails.

Shade Structures have Adaptability and Versatility

Do you have an unusual project in which you would like to incorporate shade sails? As shade sail designs are customisable to your needs, they are an extremely versatile solution.

We can show you that any project will be enhanced with the addition of colourful shade sails. Our shade cloth can be adapted into almost any configuration imaginable. The beauty of working with rugged but pliable shade sail, cloth structures is they can be designed into a myriad of shapes and sizes for waterproof or shade protection.

Get the Most Out of Your Property

With the addition of versatile shade sails, areas of your property you once thought to be useless because of their exposure to the elements suddenly become useful again.

Now you can expand your usable area to include every facet of your lifestyle in shaded comfort.

They also add extra value to your home or business by increasing the amount of functional area.

Maximise your property’s usable space with the addition of colourful shade sails.

Let’s discuss projects together and let us make your ideas come true!