Choosing a shade structure that protects your playground from the sun provides the following important advantages and safety benefits:

  • Shade structures are a great way to keep kids cool. It’s easy for kids to get overheated, especially when playing during the summer months. Shade structures lower playground temperatures by reducing direct sunlight, which can help children stay more comfortable while they play. Innovative multi-panel styles and other shade structures also improve air circulation throughout the play space, while allowing a clear line of sight for parents to supervise their children.
  • Shade structures protect kids from UV rays. Providing a material barrier that protects children from the sun’s UV rays is a critical part of playground safety. Shade structures offer up to 96% UV ray blockage and help reduce the risk of painful sunburns, which can cause lasting damage and have been linked to skin cancer later in life.
  • Shade solutions protect playground equipment. Direct sunlight can damage and fade the colors of your playground equipment, diminishing your investment over time. In addition to protection against fading, shade structures can also keep metal and plastic playground equipment cooler, protecting exposed skin against the heat of the sun.
  • Shade structures make a playground more usable. Play spaces become more usable when they are more comfortable for everyone. Having shade structures in place enables children and families to utilize playgrounds longer, even on the sunniest of days.

The benefits of shade structures also extend beyond the playground. Placing shade over benches, seating areas, walkways and picnic tables can keep adults and children cooler throughout the surrounding areas as well as making the playground sun-safe. Shade structures with fewer columns also ensure better visibility throughout the area and improve the overall safety of your playground.

How to Block the Sun on Your Playground

While large umbrellas or elevated playground equipment provide some shade, shade structures are the preferred solution to making play areas more usable during hot summer months. Fabric shade structures are an especially economical way to cover the entire playground area and provide added sun protection. Shade fabrics made from HDPE materials can block out up to 96% of UV rays, keeping kids safer and more comfortable as they play.

Our playground shade solutions include unique and innovative designs shaped like butterflies and flowers to add a playful and whimsical element to the space. With their fun colors, durable materials and customizable features, CERIA SHADE can make these uniquely shaped shade structures the perfect fit for your playground. For many years, we have helped many communities, schools, parks, recreation areas and businesses create fun and safe shade structures that attract local kids and families.

CERIA SHADE is committed to protecting kids and families from the dangers of the sun.

That’s why we support the Shade Project, an organization spreading sun safety awareness and offering free resources, education events, sunscreen samples and free skin cancer screening in local communities.

Through CERIA SHADE and the Shade Project, schools can also apply for grants to get shade structures for playgrounds and other outdoor areas that provide shaded sun protection for students, teachers, and other visitors. Contact CERIA SHADE to see how we can help you with a beneficial shade solution today!