In this generation of compelling technology, many people feel the need to unplug from the hectic reality and reconnect back to nature. It is highly beneficial to our health and well-being to experience outdoor recreation even just at the comfort of your home garden.

However, considering that it presents a sunny climate throughout the year, spending all day in direct heat may turn your relaxation into a nightmare – soaking up too much sun can be painful and dangerous to your skin! That’s why coming up with backyard shade garden ideas over your deck area or patio is a MUST. It makes a great spot for your morning cup of coffee or scrumptious lunch without worrying about getting sunburned.

Check out this selection of garden shade structure ideas and enjoy your outdoor space with your family and guests even on the sunniest of days.


Umbrellas are one of the fastest and easiest ways to provide shade to your outdoor living spaces. It is relatively an inexpensive choice that can be bought and installed from Ceria Shade. Because parasols only cover a minimal spot at a time, this backyard shade idea is perfect when you have particular areas that need protection from the harsh sunlight. Alternatively, you can opt for a super-sized umbrella to shade a large group of people, or spread out several parasols throughout your backyard.


When it comes to aesthetic appeal, awnings flawlessly blend well with almost any architectural style. They come in a multitude of sizes and colours that suit your needs. This style is mostly attached to a structure such as a house and can be operated either manually or motorised. Awnings do more than looking great while providing years of comfort and enjoyment to your home – they also protect your well-loved furniture from fading under the sun.


Canopies are used by many for their pure flexibility – they are the ideal option for your entertaining spot in the backyard to host a large group of people. Canopies are made of various fabrics and materials that can be cleaned, and you decide if the canopy is opened or closed.


A modern and beautiful design to your garden, shade sails can be bright and colourful, or monochromatic and classy while bringing relief to those hot, hazy days outdoors. Ceria Shade fabricates custom made canopies and which are available in different sizes and shapes. Shade sails offer unparalleled versatility – they can use posts and/or anchor to the house exterior with the use of hardware, providing instant coverage to outdoor spaces, pools, hot tubs, kids’ play space, or even the most difficult to reach areas. Shade sails are made from breathable fabric designs that allow heat to escape and keep your shaded spot cool at all times.